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Effortless Running launches New Dublin Chi Running Workshops


New Chi Running Workshops in Rathgar Dublin Effortless Running is starting their Dublin Chi Running Workshops this May so don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to run more energy efficient and injury free in just one day.

From newbie runners to experienced race goers, chi running is a proven technique that helps runners to improve their efficiency and make running an effortless experience. The workshop is a full day active learning experience including:- alignment, balance, posture & core strengthening, lean & engage gravity, arm swing, 50:50 upper/lower body, gears & stride, pelvic rotation, cadence and y’chi.

Participants are guided through exercises and drills designed to leave them with a clear sense of what the Chi Running technique feels like in their body so that they can progress the technique during their training. The chi (pronounced ‘chee’) technique incorporates the movement principles from Tai Chi with running, creating a new approach to effortless and injury-free running.


The key to this form of running is postural alignment and relaxation combined to create the best way to run faster, farther and injury free. By using this technique runners land midfoot strike, use a forward lean to engage gravity and use their core strength for propulsion as opposed to power running with their legs.

This technique is holistic making running easier and safer. Begin runners find running easier and more enjoyable, not a chore anymore. Experienced runners find increased speed and less recovery time, free from injuries.

While injured runners start back running with information that will prevent injury recurrence. Ruth Farrell, Effortless Running & Walking is a Certified Chi Running Instructor holding workshops in both Cork and Dublin.

To learn more about Chi Running: www.effortlessrunningruth.blogspot.com

To book your place on a workshop email: [email protected] or mobile: 087 2432593.