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Dublin City Triathlon


This year Gatorade Dublin City Triathlon will offer the following options for triathletes include

Standard olympic distance for individual entry €50
Standard olympic distance for relay team competition €80
“Super Sprint” option for beginners and new-to-triathlon €40 [Distance 600 metre swim/16km cycle/4km run – subject to confirmation] NB Please note all of the above fees are “early bird” prices (standard price unchanged for last 3 years) for early entrants to avail of up until the 1st June. From the 2nd June the above prices will increase by €5 each.

Please note that this years Gatorade DCT is the TI chosen national club championship race – which means that it is the chance for your club to be crowned TI club champions!! More details on how this will work in practice to be posted on the site in the near future

Dublin City Triathlon will involve a single olympic distance course.

2009 Race Features
Pontoon for entering and exiting the water
Changing and shower facilities in the Garda Boat Club
Free post-race food for all athletes and volunteers
Free goodie bag including race t-shirt & drinks water bottle for all athletes
New “super sprint” option with Distance 600 metre swim/16km cycle/4km run – subject to confirmation
Energy drinks and fruit for all athletes
TI chosen national club championship race – which means that it is the chance for your club to be crowned TI club champions!! More details on how this will work in practice to be posted on the site in the near future

The History
This year, for the fifth year running, the Dublin City Triathlon is a Piranha Triathlon Club organised event. Last year we changed the course so that we could accomodate greater numbers of triathletes.

This race is run with the co-operation of the Office of Public Works, Dublin City Council, the Gardai, Triathlon Ireland, Triathlon Ireland Leinster Branch, the Islandbridge rowing clubs, the Order of Malta, Dublin Bus and the emergency services.

1500m (Olympic Distance)
Swim in the upper Liffey, above Island Bridge, entering the water from a pontoon, kindly supplied by the Irish Army. Water temperature is normally around 16 degrees Celsius. Wetsuits are mandatory.

Concerned About Safety?
On the day we will have approximately 20 rescue kayaks, a flat deck Army rescue boat, a Civil Defence rescue boat, a rescue rigid inflatable, Garda divers and Order of Malta personnel – all eyes on you. We will also be setting athletes off in waves – this ensures a more comfortable start to your race. The large pontoon supplied by the Irish Army will slope into the water from the bank of the river, making it easy to enter and exit.

General Swim Information
*Every entrant is required to sign a swim proficiency declaration.
*There will be a pontoon leading into the river. Swimmers must enter the river on the upstream side of the pontoon and exit on the downstream side only.
*Due to the number of competitors they will be having ten wave starts. The starts will be based on your estimated swim time. At registration, you will be informed which start you are in and will have been given a swim hat with the colour for your wave which you MUST wear.
*For safety reasons there will be a 15 minute gap between each swim start. IF YOU ARE A WEAK SWIMMER KEEP TO THE BACK OF YOUR START.
*Swim start will be in the water near the river bank
*Keep near to the centre of the river to avoid the reeds on the river’s edge
*Swim upstream keeping the buoys on your left hand side. When you reach the last buoy swim around it and back downstream. Continue past the start area on your left and around the end buoy furthest downstream before swimming upstream to the swim exit.
*Canoeists, assisted by two power boats and divers, will marshal the swim course.
*Exit the swim via the pontoon, ensuring that you pass over the timing mat when entering transition.
*If a swimmer wishes to retire from the swim for any reason, they should lie on their back, raise their clenched fist in the air, stay calm and a rescue canoeist will come to your assistance. Follow the instructions of the marshal who will bring you to safety.
*There will be a time limit of 55 minutes on the swim. This will be confirmed on the day by the race director. A swim marshal has full discretion to remove you from the swim if they feel that you are endangering yourself or others. *Don’t worry; the vast majority of swimmers will be finished in good time.
*If you are assisted in the swim or your swim is cut short by the race director, you will be allowed to continue the race if you wish to do so but will receive no official time and your timing chip will be removed.
*The central divide of the swim course will be maintained by lengths of floating tubing. This is exclusively a safety measure in order to prevent collisions between upstream and downstream swimmers. It is not intended as a flotation aid for swimmers. If competitors hold on to the tubing, the securing anchors will drag along the bottom impeding the swim course. Consequently, unless a swimmer is in difficulty, anyone holding on to the tubing or buoys either prior to the start or during the swim will be deemed to be assisted in the swim, and thus receive no official time. Canoeists will enforce this rule rigidly. Competitors will have signed a form stating that they are competent swimmers, and are thus expected to be proficient at treading water – which will be necessary immediately prior to their wave start.
Wetsuits can be rented from cyclesuperstore.ie for the event for 40 euro.

40km Cycle

5 Laps for the Olympic distance Triathletes. A flat to undulating safe cycle through Europe’s “largest park in the City”. The scenery will inspire you.

Ever have the pleasure of cycling on a closed road, traffic free? Trying to smash your personal best? Well now’s your chance…

Entering the park through the Island Bridge Gate the route winds up the legendary Khyber Pass to the main park road. Taking a left turn you cycle until the junction for the Ordinance Survey Road where you take another left onto a very smooth and fast surface. The course loops round the back of the playing fields and up past the historic Magazine Fort until you take a final left to complete the circuit.


Two laps of the run course must be completed by all Triathletes.

It’s not uncommon for the park’s herd of wild deer to be resting (as they like to do) in the middle of the parklands, visible from the run – but seemingly unaware of the athletes running round them.



Presto Chango!
The UCD Boat Club on the Chapelizod Road is the venue for registration and also for the 4th element to every triathlon – the transition.

Triathlon is the only race in the world that can be won or lost by the speed with which you change clothes. A quick transition from swim to bike can save minutes, which would otherwise take you endless hours of training to achieve. So get your wetsuit on and jump into the bath – you know you want to!