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Cycling Campaigners Seek Public Apology from RTE’s Late Late Show


Did you watch the RTE Late Late Show on Friday night? If so you may have seen the segment that has made the headlines regarding cyclists for all the wrong reasons.

Three guests Eoin Colfer, Maura Derrane & James Kavanagh appeared on the show to participate in a discussion whereby guests were asked what they wanted to “bin” in 2018 with the items for the bin voted on by the audience.

Comments Made About Cyclists

In the segment, RTÉ Presenter Maura Derrane complained about cyclists “riding three or four abreast” which was followed by James Kavanagh chipping in to say “they’re like farm animals, sheep or cows or whatever and they don’t move, cyclists are like that as well.” Eoin Colfer joined the discussion by saying some cyclists were using “fake baby carriers” in order to gain more room.

Maura Derrane went on to say, she believed cyclists riding in the way she described out of arrogance. She then said she didn’t want to throw cyclists as a general group in the bin, rather, just the “arrogant cyclists”.

Binning Arrogant Cyclists

Following these flippant remarks and comments with regards to cyclists on the roads The Late Late Show Host, Ryan Tubridy asked the audience “if cyclists riding two or three abreast” should be “binned?”. By a show of hands, the audience voted in the majority in agreement with the panel to ‘bin arrogant cyclists’ in 2018. Following this Maura Derrane stood up, took the cycling helmet from Ryan and threw it in the bin.

This discussion and action on The Late Late Show have been criticised widely by many across the country over the past few days. Numerous cycling campaigners, cyclists and advocates for cycling in Ireland continue to work tirelessly to reduce the animosity between motorists and cyclists, to ensure that the roads are safe for all users.

Irish Law Regarding Cyclists

In 2017, 15 cyclists were killed on Irish roads, under Irish law cycling 2 abreast is legal in Ireland, a law that is not widely acknowledged by motorists and other road users. The National Broadcaster on a primetime show has been criticised for this segment with Cycling Ireland saying  “This causal incitement of hatred must stop,” in a statement on Twitter.

Letter of Complaint

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has issued the complaint to RTE regarding the segment, posting the tweet and complaint on their Twitter Feed demanding a public apology for the segment on the Late Late Show last Friday.

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