Home Event Croghan Hill Viking Challenge (Gathering – Televised – World Record Event)

Croghan Hill Viking Challenge (Gathering – Televised – World Record Event)


Croghan Hill Challenge will be held on May 4th 2013: (Televised event) (Gathering) (World Record)
There will be 2 Challenges:
5K – Starting at 11am
10K – Starting at 12 noon

Note: Youths, Groups, Clubs & Families are advised to avail of our early bird entry discount.Contact Peter Moore 0879875156

This event will take place on the scenic and historic Hill in Croghan, Co Offaly. Croghan Hill is an extinct volcano which has panoramic views of Ireland. The course will provide a splash of hills, thrills and spills with more than 50 obstacles including the most talked about and not to be missed:

  • Trekehner
  • Mara River
  • Bondi Bridge
  • Annas Mud Bath
  • The river Bed
  • Lornas forget me not Splash
  • The Spooky Tunnel
  • The Great Wall
  • Ski Jump
  • The Helsinki
  • The Tiger Trap
  • The Bullfinch
  • The Coffin
  • Conlins hill Top Jacuzzi
  • Quincys super water slide
  • Boneshaker (75 foot mud slide)
  • The Old Croghan Bog Man
  • The Chu chi Tunnel
  • The Machu Pichu Steps
  • Sherwood forest
  • The Croghan Hill Rope Bridge
  • St Patricks Horse Shoe
  • The Flow
  • The Bog Oak Crawl
  • Canal Lochs
  • The stonehenge
  • The Spider web
  • Finishing with the now famous Sheep Dipper
  • Then straight into the hot barn Shower

All of the above plus many more can be seen on the Internet or through our website by clicking on the various videos, photographs, Youtube Channel and the not to be missed Tg4 televised programme.

New! facilities include dressing rooms, changing rooms, ladies & gents showers (mirrors and sockets) and ladies & gents toilets.

Accommodation is available by arrangement and includes a self catering farmhouse (Sleeps 6). Also there is a camping area in a secure sand arena. (Free for participants)

This year the Croghan Hill Challenge is part of the Rhode Parish Gathering, The Offaly County Gathering and will be shown on at least two popular TV channels.

2013 is a special year for the Challenge as we will be attempting a world record of the most people gathered dressed as Vikings in conjuction with the gathering and Our Viking Theme.
This year is third of the summer events which last time had over 1000 participants.

This event is one not to be missed. Unlike other courses this is also a spectators event with BBQ, Shop, Facepainting and views of the course where you can get up and close to all the action. So bring the family and the wellies.

Contact Peter Moore: 0879875156

Visit: www.croghanhillchallenge.com


Viking Theme & World Record:
ON THE 4th OF MAY 2013 WE ARE GOING BACK IN TIME! At the end of the eighth century the first Viking raiders appeared in Irish waters. Its an area of our history that has slowly faded into the past but is visible all around us today. Centuries of raids, settlements and battles took place on the very ground we stand. The midland Counties of Ireland are steeped in Viking History. The reason for the Viking Challenge in co-operation with the Gathering 2013 is to not only revisit this time in History but to invite our friends, Relations, The Irish Clans and even our Viking ancestors home to take on the Viking Challenge.. Your 2 Challenges will be to 1)Complete the Croghan Hill Challenge Obstacle Course. 2) Help us set a world record for the biggest gathering of Dressed Vikings that wont be beaten.Come dressed in Viking(Medieval) Attire even if your spectating, We need as many as possible for the group photo.
Visit our FB event page and invite who you can,
Lets Bring’em Home