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Cork Chi Running one day clinics


New Cork Chi Running Clinics Cork’s only Certified Chi Running Instructor, Ruth Farrell launches new Chi Running one day Clinics in the heart of Cork city in Montenotte and other locations include Clonakilty and Ardmore this Summer. Ruth also holds one day clinics for private groups on request in Cork and around the country. Ruth was introduced to chi running in 2009 and it transformed her running, making it so much more effortless and injury free. Earlier this year she completed her instructors course in America with Danny Dreyer, founder of the Chi technique and is now a Certified Chi Running Instructor. Ruth prefers long distance running, taking part in half marathons and joined the Croi fundraising team for the NYC marathon.

Chi running is a revolutionary running technique that incorporates the movement principles from Tai Chi with running, creating a new approach to effortless and injury-free running. The key to this form of running is postural alignment and relaxation combined to create the best way to run faster, farther and injury free. By using this technique you land mid-foot strike, use a forward lean to engage gravity and use your core strength for propulsion as opposed to power running with your legs. This technique is holistic making your running easier and safer.

Begin runners find running easier and more enjoyable, not a chore anymore. Experienced runners find increased speed and less recovery time, free from injuries. While injured runners start back running with information that will prevent injury recurrence. This technique will transform your running from difficult to effortless making running so much more pleasurable.

For more information on Ruth’s upcoming Chi Running one day Clinics go to https://effortlessrunningruth.blogspot.com or email: [email protected]