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Cope Ocean Race Triathlon Free Training Session


Another sessionwith great weather ! Our little group is growing fast and the participants, do not call me anymore to say “Hey coach, is there training tonight, the weather is not great!”, they know my answer : There’s always training! In the last few weeks, we covered many aspect of the race:

– Swimming part : equipment, safety in the water, start of the race, turning around the buoys, taking off the wetsuit
– Bike part : how to change and use the gears, Helmet check and wear, taking corners, cycling in a group
– Run part : knee injuries, proper shoes, proper stride, try to run off the road as much as you can….
– Transition : up and down the bike, up and down….again and again
– Nutrition : what to eat or drink etc…..


we build up slowly every week from 150m swim, 5/6km cycling then a 1/2km run or walk to doing 600 to 1000m swim followed by 5km run tonight. We also build up the cycling section from 6km to 20km.

I always find amazing how much people can learn in only 6 to 8 sessions, from the fear of the water, the bad weather and I mean, hail stones strong winds etc…. to even be able at session now to actually do the 5km without telling them (well I let them assume they have to 🙂

There was no major hard work or speed work, I just wanted them to do it at their pace and feel great about themselves. Today I am confident they will do the event with out any problem and will enjoy it.