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COPE OCEAN RACE Information Pack for Athletes


from COPE Galway Date: 23rd May 2009

Organised by: runireland

Fundraiser event for: Cope Galway Distance: 750m Swim, 20 km Cycle, 5 km Run

Location: Salthill Co. Galway

Registration: Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill

Registration Time: Friday 6pm-8pm Saturday 7am – 9am

Start Time: 10:00 am

Welcome and congratulation for entering our event, the Cope Ocean Race Triathlon 2009.

All competitors need to register in person. Registration will take place at the Galway Bay Hotel Salthill. This is situated 200 meters from the car park. Registration will be open from 6pm till 8pm on Friday 22nd of May and from 7 am till 9am prior to the race. There is strictly no registration after 9am. At registration you will receive a pack with your race number & timing chip, high quality silicone swim cap and a band to be attached on your bicycle. You will not be able to remove your bike from the Bike Park if you do not show your race number corresponding to the band number on the bike.

There is parking at the Galway Bay Hotel and also at the transition area.

Race Numbers
Your race number must be worn on your FRONT AT ALL TIMES for the cycle and for the run. Failure to display them correctly will result in the marshals having to stop you. It will also mean that your results may not be accurately recorded.

The bike rack positions will be allocated on a first come first served basis. More details in the Transition section below.

Poor weather
In the unlikely event of extreme weather conditions the swim may have to be cancelled and a duathlon event may occur instead. If the weather condition is considered too severe, we reserve the right to postpone the event.

Changing Facilities
There are changing facilities and toilets in the Galway Bay Hotel.

Wetsuits are strongly recommended, you will be provided with a silicone cap which is compulsory to wear for safety reasons to assist the lifeguards to supervise the open water swim.

Helmets are compulsory, athletes will not be allowed to compete if they do not wear a helmet. There will be a helmet check on entering the transition area before the race begins, helmet will have to be displayed worn and closed. Helmets also need to be on and closed before leaving the transition area for the cycle.

All competitors must keep to the Left on the run section. Please remember this.


Swim Course
Course: Out and back swim, 750m long around a triangular shape

Access: From slipway by the car park

Start: on the beach

Wave: One wave start

The transition area will be located in the main Salthill Car Park, which will be closed for the triathlon. Half of the car park will be reserved for athlete’s car park and additional Car Parking is available in the Galway Bay Hotel. The second half of the Car Park will be used for the athlete’s transition where bicycles and athletes gear will be left during the swim and run. The way in and out will be constantly supervised by marshals until the end of the event.

The area will be secured by fencing or barriers that will contain up to 500 bicycles. It will be marshaled by officials who will only allow entry to competitors, who will have to show their race numbers going in and out the transition. The race number will have to match the bike band provided at registration.
Competitors will exit the swim from the slipway from the beach and will enter into the transition area, after a few yards.

Competitors will leave transition area by the usual entrance and exit car park, where marshals will supervise and facilitate the athletes to mount or dismount their bikes.

Cycle Course

The bike course will start by going out of the Salthill car park turning left to follow the flow of the circulation. The cyclist will go straight passing Blackrock and the R336 Knocknacarra road.

The road is then straight forward up to Furbo beach where the turnaround will take place at 10km.
The turn around at Furbo beach will be executed with traffic cones on the side of the car park and cyclisst will then turn around back to the main road.
On the way back, the route is exactly the same. When approaching the car park the athletes will have to dismount their bike to cross the road and enter the transition area.

Run Course

The run will be a 5km route on the promenade to South Park, a simple loop.


Relay teams have a separate section of the Transition area. Relay members must remember to pass their timing chip on to the next member of the team or their times will not be recorded.


Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy the event, so please be safe, like most triathlons in Ireland the road will not be closed, so please respect the rules of the road. We are not looking for the fastest athletes – participants are there to enjoy the day and support COPE Galway fundraising. This is a charity event and as such there are no official prizes. From the first to the last finisher – you will be a winner for COPE Galway. The volunteers will try their very best to ensure that you have a great day so please be nice to them ?

Safety Information

The entire transition area will be closed off to the public. There are a limited number of parking spaces reserved for competitors.

The exit and entry to the park will be supervised by the Gardai. They will control traffic and the competitors leaving & entering the transition. On the cycle route the Gardai will supervise the crossing at the R336/337 for competitors.

Marshals willl also be situated at this point and all other Junctions on the route

The run will be a 5km route on the promenade.

The route will be taped and sign posted with km markers, marshals will direct the athletes along the course to keep it smooth and inform the public.
In the event of severe weather conditions which affect the water, the Race Committee will convene to determine whether the conditions are suitable for the swim.

If it is deemed unsafe to swim, the race will change to a Duathlon, of 2km Run, 20km bike, 5km run.

Competitors will be informed at least 30min prior to the start.

The race committee reserves the right to alter the race schedule for safety purposes.

We wish you the very best in your training, and hope you will enjoy the event.

Please be safe in training and competing.

The runireland and Cope Galway team


  1. Hi Seb,

    sorry to hear about your accident, hope the bike’s ok though… and of course yourself too!!

    I will drop the concrete blocks off in the car park at 6.30 Friday evening! If there’s anything else let me know.

    Hope it will be a brilliant day. I’m reallly looking forward to my first Tri!