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Competition Review Commission Update


from A.A.I The Commission Group established as a result of the motion passed at the April 2008 Congress and chaired by Gary Owens held its third full meeting in Santry on Monday January 26th. At this meeting the sub-committees chaired by Georgina Drumm, Liam Treacy and Gerry Giblin reported on the research completed to date. These groups have briefs that address the areas of 1. Competition Structure for Young Athletes
2. Competition Structure for Development, Club and Senior Athletes
3. Mass Participation Strategy

The group is currently focusing on research into best practise in the relevant areas both internationally and in other sports. It is expected that this research will take a further three months to complete. Once the research is completed and a report produced on this, the Commission will use the output to examine how our structures compare with the best practise. They will then start to draw conclusions as to what changes may be needed to the current structures.

The group will also be dealing with the motions which were deferred at Congress. This will form part of the process of making recommendations as to what changes are required to the current structures once the research has been completed.

The Competition Review Commission will present its findings to a general meeting of the membership which will take place in the last quarter of 2009.