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Come train with US Navy SEALs for a day, on Mornington Beach, Co. Meath


DON*T MISS THIS LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY! What has fast become the most well known Military Themed Adventure in Ireland and the UK is starting to really take flight now.

From 200 places on offer, 150 have already been booked up, leaving just 50 up for grabs! The event and chance to train with US Navy SEALs on Mornington Beach in County Meath is selling out, and time is running out to get involved!


People often look at events and say, yeah I’d love to do that, I will.. .some day, but then time runs out, and there are no spaces left! So we encourage everyone to take a chance, step up to the plate and make your play! Book the event today and don’t waste any time in doing so.


The Selection Challenge™ is something that will blow you away, you will learn so much, develop leadership skills, decision making skills, teamwork and have an absolutely mind-blowing day out!

March 24th 2013 sees US Navy SEALs make their way here to Ireland to work with us as guest instructors for the day and we promise you will walk away with memories that will last a life time.


200 spots, and only 50 of them left!


Full training plan provided that you can tailor to meet your needs.


T-shirt for everyone that takes part.


Memories to last a life time!!


What you waiting for? Time is running out to book; on average we are getting 6 bookings per day! So don’t waste time, get booked and get training and come kick ass on the beach with us in March 2013.


The only easy day, was yesterday…




Book here: https://www.runireland.com/events/hellweek-pttm-selection-challengetm-head-head-us-navy-seals


55 Euro