1. There appears to be no finishers medal from reading above information. Twenty five euros is expensive in the light of having no finishers medal. The majority of races at this distance do have something for finishing. Is part of everyones entry fee going to cover the cost of the special accomadation and meals for elite runners.

    • Hi Mary,
      You are correct that there are no finishers medals and this was a decision made by the committee as we felt that finishers t-shirts are more useful for people. Many runners don’t like paying extra for medals so it was a decision made from some market research. Also since we are an athletic club who is aiming to make this an event for people to enjoy while also aiming to make a donation to the local charity who is hosting the event we thought it better to put money into making it a better event and towards a worthwhile charity. While one person might like a finishers medal or expect it as standard, another person might expect a water bottle or some other similar reward which are common in commercial marathons these days. However commercial half marathons usually charge 45 Euro’s for an entry fee as a minimum which you will see if you browse through the events offered on this website. You’re free to choose to run these events and pay extra for the medal if that is what is important to you but you should be aware that a lot of your money will go towards an individuals private profit rather than being reinvested in an athletic club or worthwhile charity as is the case with our race.
      The elite athletes hotel room and meals are sponsored by the local hotel and are not in any way subsidised by the entry fee given by normal runners. However part of the entry fee will go towards the prize money. As an athletics club it is our basic function to encourage competitive athletics and athletes who are trying to better themselves as athletes. Athletes at the highest level make large sacrifices to compete at the highest level and achieve high levels of athletic performance that we can all appreciate and enjoy watching, therefore it is a long tradition to reward and support their athletic effort and the sacrifice they make in pursuing something so positive in society. Prize money will be offered at all age groups so anyone can compete for these rewards so there is no discrimination in our race. We aim to be as inclusive of people at all levels and our relay event is a reflection of how inclusive we are trying to be. I hope you see that we have done our very best to keep costs down for people with low incomes while also making it an event to enjoy using our expertise as an experienced athletic club.

    • Apologies for late response.  We do not have pacers confirmed yet, but we are trying to get help from another local club to provide such pacers.  If we are successful, then we will let you know.  In case we are not successful, there will be mile markers, so if you bring a watch, you will be able to note your time at each mile.  Alternatively, bring a friend to run with you to act as your pacer.  It’s also worth checking with runners around you during the race to see what time they plan on finishing and pace yourself against them. Thanks. 

  2. Athletes from Boards Sports forum, specifically the Athletics / Running / Triathlon sub-forum, often do pacing for events. If you provide details of your event on their events forum you might get takers willing to provide pacing. Lots of guys there have the experience of doing so.

    • Correct on both counts.  Good quality T-Shirts are not cheap, so we had to limit the order to 300.  It represents a significant portion of the total cost of the race, but considering the low entry fee, we felt it was appropriate.  If we were to guarantee T-Shirts to all finishers, it would be difficult to predict the total number to order.  We also felt that we should reward those who entered early, rather than the first 300 finishers.  If you enter this week, based on the number of entries we have to date and the amount coming in daily, I’m pretty sure that you will be guaranteed a T-Shirt, but I’d be less confident if you delayed it until next week. Thanks. Signed Mike M

    • We are confident that we will exceed 300 Entries.  So although we will facilitate late entries up to the final cutoff point, we do not plan on having any T-Shirts left over for last-minute entries.  Every effort is being made to ensure a smooth Registration and On-Time Race-Start (10AM).  We need to be fair on those who arrive early, so please do not leave it too late.  Thanks & Regards. Signed Mike M

  3. A large number of North Cork AC members, family & friends have been recruited to help make this race a success.  It’s worth noting that all staff who are handling Registration, Stewarding, Road Safety, Catering and Clean Up and are doing so on a voluntary basis.  We’d like to thank everyone who has already offered to help and we welcome any new offers of help in any shape or form.  A special thanks also to those living on the route who have offered their support.  We are working with some local sponsors to provide high quality food & drink after the race, so we encourage all runners to stay on and "fuel-up" before they go home. Thanks, Mike M

  4. Hi,
    The route you have picked seems to be on a pretty busy road between charleville and kilmallock. How are you arranging road closures?
    Since you are using the same road to and from, is the R515 going to be fuly closed?

  5. Hi,
    The route you have picked seems to be on a pretty busy road between charleville and kilmallock. How are you arranging road closures?
    Since you are using the same road to and from, is the R515 going to be fuly closed?

    • The roads will not be closed.  However, the 3 Garda stations in the area and the 2 county councils have been notified.  We will have a Pace Car with Race Committee Chairman about 1 mile ahead of the leading runner + someone on a bike, if deemed necessary.  We also plan on having a sweeper car and/or bike.  We have a team of up to 50 volunteer stewards covering all junctions and the start/finish.  These volunteers are locals who know the area and any potential hazards.  We have noted all Mass times and should be able to avoid this traffic, assuming we start on time.  Oncoming cars will be flagged down as they approach the runners.  We will have radio communication between all steward leaders and the Start/Finish.  There will be 2 fully kitted ambulances + a backup doctor & nurse on call.  Safety will be paramount and we are making every effort to ensure the runners are protected.  Regards, Mike M

  6. Water Stations planned for the following mile markers (roughly) : Mile 3, 6, 10 & at the Finish.  Mile markers 3 and 10 are close to the same junction (at Thomastown Cross).  Mile marker 6 will be in Kilmallock town.  We feel that should be sufficient.

  7. There are several members of the organising committee running the complete course tomorrow so that we can get a proper feel for the course and identify any issues that need to be addressed.  We will be better able to plan the stewarding & road safety after running it ourselves.  We’d like to thank all of those who have entered already.  We appreciate your support and early entry.  Only 4 weeks to go now, so if you have not entered already, time is starting to run out.  Regards, Mike M.

  8. We are having our formal Race Launch on Saturday 27th at the Charleville Park Hotel at 2:30PM.  We plan on having athletes, sponsors, committee members, representatives from the local charity St Joseph’s Foundation and local guests attending.  Thanks to all our sponsors, supporters, runners and volunteers.  Mike M

    • Ishka Spring Water, a leading processor of Premium Quality Bottled Water are kindly sponsoring the event by providing small 250ml Sports Cap bottles.  Many runners prefer these over plastic cups.  We’d like to see people consume all of the water and discard the bottle into bins that will be provided.  This will minimize the time spent on the cleanup operation afterwards, as we will be adopting a "Leave No Trace" policy on the beautiful Golden Vale countryside.  Our backup plan would be to provide plastic cups and tap water in case we do not have enough bottles.  Thanks to Ishka Spring Water for their kind sponsorship.  Mike M

      •  We are looking into having Registration on the day before the race also, for those who want to avoid the rush on Sunday.  It will most likely be at The Charleville Park Hotel, who have been very kind in supporting and sponsoring the event – exact details to be arranged soon.  Mike M

      • Registration will be set up at Charleville Park Hotel on the day before the race (Saturday 17th) from 5PM to 8PM.  We will hand out Individual Race Numbers, Chips & T-Shirts to those who qualify (First 300 Individual Entries).  We would like to Thank Charleville Park Hotel for their kind support & sponsorship.  They have special rates for athletes participating in the race  http://www.CharlevilleParkHotel.com.


  9. Special Dietary Requirements for Post Race Refreshments. 

    Our catering crew are trying to accomodate those with special dietary requirements, so have arranged to have a Gluten-Free Option for our post-race Food & Refreshments.  We hope that nobody goes home hungry and is properly refueled before leaving the event.  If you have any other special requirements, please let us know. Thanks, Mike M

    • There are still T-Shirts available for the first 300 Entries, but we will have reached 300 very soon, at the rate Entries are coming in.  No T-Shirts after 300 Individual Entries. If you enter today, you can be pretty much guaranteed a T-Shirt. 

  10. I’m really looking forward to this event ! It appears to tick every box in relation to what I look for in a half marathon – flat route, very reasonable entry fee, bottled water AND a tshirt for early entrants. Hope it’s a great success!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence !  I cannot stress enough that it’s A Race organised By Runners For Runners.  Many of the committee members have already ran the complete course 4 times over the last 4 weeks consecutively to make sure they have a good feel for the course.  There’s a lot of work going on in the background to make sure all athletes enjoy the day.

    • Sorry no T-Shirts for Teams as some teams have 4 members paying just 10 Euro each and we have to cover all the costs of the race with that, including Team Relay buses to/from Transition points.  We can justify T-Shirts for an Individual paying 25-30 Euro.   There will be a selection of Spot Prizes for different Team Categories.  We are also providing top quality food & beverages from our local volunteer catering crew who will be working very hard to please the athletes.  Thanks, Mike M

  11. I am coming in for work for a few weeks and would love to do this race… are there any entries and shirts available? Would be so fun to have a race shirt from anotehr country? I am staying at the River Lee Hotel, is this close to race? Could you PLEASE email me back as I may not be online for next few days traveling but get emails on my phone

  12. Tori, Entries are still open.  As of now, I can count 291 Entries but there may be a few new ones submitted on paper that I am not aware of.  Entries are coming in fast now, so we will definitely exceed 300 by tomorrow.  Your hotel is in Cork city.  Charleville is 40 miles due North on the main Limerick road.  It should take you 50 mins door to door on a Sunday morning with minimal traffic, if you have your own car.  Not sure about bus or train schedules.   Plan to be there at least 1 hour before Start Time of 10AM.   I cannot see your email address from your posting, sorry.  Mike M

    • Yes, but please arrive early on the day of the race — 08:30 ideally.  We need to close down Registration at 09:30AM to ensure we start on time.  We will also be providing chips, numbers & T-Shirts (to those first 300 individual entries) on Saturday 5PM to 8PM at Charleville Park Hotel to avoid the rush on Sunday morning.

    • We have not made provisions for that, as we could not cater for such a large crowd at the Start/Finish area.  Have you friends in Charleville who might let you use theirs ?  Or use the old reliable "Wipes & Towel Down".   

    • Just call out your name to those at the Registration desk and they will check it against the Registration List Printout.  We should have 3 or 4 registration desks in alphabetical order using your last name.  Notices will be posted and stewards will direct you.  Your name will be crossed off, chip & number issued and if you are in the first 300, you will be given a T-Shirt. 

  13. Hi there,
    could you let me know where the registration for the race on Sunday morning takes place? I will be only entering on the morning of the race and I see from one of you posts above that you are still allowing people to enter between 8.30 & 9.30am.

    • At St Joseph’s Foundation School on Baker’s Road, Charleville.  It’s next to Dunnes Stores Car Park Entrance, CBS Schools and GAA Club House.  Best to get there before before 9AM as we close Registration sharply at 09:30AM in order to ensure an On Time Start.  Advance Apologies to anyone who is turned down due to being late, but we have the interests of 500 runners and 120 volunteers to consider.  Thanks for your understanding. Mike M

  14. Saturday Entries & Registration – extended hours !

    We will be extending the hours of New Entries & Registration to 3PM-9PM tomorrow at the Charleville Park Hotel.  We’d like to thank Charleville Park Hotel for their kind sponsorship & support of this event.  They have been very good to the club.  Timing Chips, Race Numbers and T-Shirts (to first 300 Individual Entries) will be handed out.  This will reduce the pressure on the morning of Race Day.  Thanks, Mike M

  15. Hi did my first Half Marathon today & would like to say this course was great for my first one & it was a well organised event with plenty of water stations along the way. Thanks to all involved – hope you will do another one next year!!!