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Charity Zombie Run


The Jungle NI have joined forces with the Northern Ireland Hospice to provide their electrifying Zombie Run event!

The Charity Zombie Run is a 5K obstacle adventure race set in a post-apocalyptic world where Zombies have claimed The Jungle realm as their own. Runners enter at their own risk and dare to take on natural and man-made obstacles AND zombies.

As a runner you will have 3 lives (represented by flags worn about the waist). Your objective, should you have sufficient courage, is to make it to the finish line with as many lives as possible intact. The objective of the Zombies, however, is to steal your lives so when the gun shot rings be prepared to RUUUUUUN, for you only have 3 lives and the fiendish zombies are a determined bunch!

The course is littered with obstacles designed to test your strength and pickle your imagination while ensuring that The Jungle’s Charity Zombie Run is THE ULTIMATE SEASONAL CHALLENGE!

The Charity Zombie Run will take place on Sunday 12th October, at 11am at The Jungle NI, 60 Desertmartin Road, Moneymore, Magherafelt, BT45 7RB (approx. 45 mins from Belfast or Derry/Londonderry; approx. 2 hours 10 mins from Dublin).

Cost is £25 per person + minimum charity donation of £5

Book online: thejungleni.com

For more information, email: [email protected]