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Castlebar to host Adventure Duathlon


from Padraig Marrey Adventure races are fast growing in Ireland. The West of Ireland has been leading the way with major events in the last few years using the fantastic rugged scenery of County Mayo. The annual Harlequin Adventure Duathlon will be held on Saturday March 22nd in the Castlebar area and fits perfectly with any athletes who likes to run, cycle and train outdoors.

 his Duathlon brings participants to all the beauty spots that Castlebar has to offer and it’s the perfect event for the people looking for real adventure! Held in association with Harlequin Hotel in Castlebar, it is the first real endurance test of the season – but don’t let this put you off, as we have a shorter mini Duathlon and a relay option which caters for the needs of everyone.


Noel Gibbons Road Safety Officer said “There will be hundreds of cyclists on the roads taking part in this event so motorists are asked to overtake cyclists with care and give at least 1.5m space between the vehicle and cyclist, all cyclists participating are reminded the importance of wearing a helmet and fitting it correctly and to obey to the rules of the road.

Noreen Heston Major of Castlebar believes the event is a massive boost to the town especially at the time of year brining in participants from far and wide showcasing what Castlebar has to offer the fitness enthusiasts, Noreen who has never done this event before has even signed up with a Castlebar Town council team, “saying what better way to learn about the event, she is encouraging all athletes in and around the Castlebar area to support this great event”


The Harlequin Adventure Duathlon consists of a 3.5km run starting from the Harlequin Hotel, Lannagh Road via the graveyard road and around the beautiful Lough Lannagh loop, the cyclist pick up their bikes at the Green on Pound Grove for a 7km hilly cycle out the Rathbawn road to the entrance of the Booster station road, the adventure really starts now when all athletes embark on the leg sapping 8km run/ jog/walk up to the Booster Station at 1400 feet and back. This is a beautiful trail and the scenery is amazing with full panoramic views of Castlebar Town, Clew Bay and the Nephin Mountains.

Once the Booster Station stage has been complete its a 15km cycle, mostly downhill, all the way back to Castlebar.

The final stage is the reverse of the first run around Lough Lannagh where the finish awaits them on Lannagh Road. The total distance of the main event is 37km, there is also 3 person relay option for teams, runner does the first and last stage, the cyclist does the 2 bike legs and another runner does the Booster Station stage.


Harlequin Adventure Duathlon event

3.5km run

7km cycle

8km Booster Trail run

15km cycle

3.5km run

Total distance 37kms


Harlequin Mini Duathlon

If the main event is not to your liking there is also the mini Duathlon over 22k, this event is aimed at people who are new to Duathlon and should be within reach of most recreational fitness enthusiasts.

The route takes in some of the main events course but leaves out the dreaded Booster run

Event breakdown.

3.5km run

15km cycle

3.5km run

Total distance 22kms

To entry book on line at www.runireland.com and event updates https://www.facebook.com/pages/Harlequin-Adventure-Duathlon/179593808735729?ref=hl
Both events are great for the town of Castlebar and bring participants from all over Ireland. In addition to Harlequin Hotel, the event is being supported by Mayo County Council, Castlebar Town Council and the Road Safety Authority.