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Camino for Cappagh


Walk the Camino for Cappagh.

On the 23rd of September to the 28th of September we will be walking from Roncevalles to Estella on the Camino de Santiago. This is a fantastic opportunity to walk the camino during the holy year and to help a very special cause.

The cost of entry is 1,500 euro which will go towards funding a new T3 scanner which will diagnose many illness earlier, including Bone Tumour Cancer in children, and will save lives. As you can imagine this critical machine comes with a hefty price tag and the funds raised on this trek will go towards the 2.3million euro needed to fund this equipment.

Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital is a public hospital treating patients from all over Ireland.

I am sure there is somebody in your community who will benefit from this machine.

For more information see our web site www.cht.ie or email [email protected] or call us on 01-8340325