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Bring Your AGame with Our Winter Running Guide from Life Style Sports


Getting out of bed on a freezing cold morning is not fun. Now try going out on a 10K run. Pretty easy to reach for the snooze button. Trust us though, once your feet hit the tarmac and the endorphins kick in, you’ll be hooked.
Need some more motivation to bring your AGame? Check out our top tips for winter running– NO SWEAT

Get Some Squad Goals
Need some help keeping to a routine? This is where your squad comes in handy for something other than getting their round in. Make a commitment to running with your personal fitness BFF a couple of times a week and stick to it. You’ll help motivate each other and have a bit of craic too – while lording it over your lazier mates.

Padraig Pendred, who brings his AGame in our video, says, “I try to do as little of my cardio indoors as possible. I love the gym, but it can get a little boring. I go down to the Phoenix Park or the seafront at Clontarf with my mates. Even though you’re getting your cardio in, you don’t find you’re concentrating on it as much and you can have a bit of a chat and a laugh.”

Feeling ambitious? Enter a goal race in late winter/early spring. Having a competition to work towards will give you that extra bit of willpower and allow you to see how far you’ve come when you blitz the competition to win. Or at least beat your personal best.

Kit Yourself Out
The right kit is crucial when setting out for a winter run. You’ll want something warm but breathable, so layering is key. If you go full woolly hat and gloves, you’ll feel like you’re in your own personal sauna by the end of the run, whereas a zip jersey or hoody gives you the option to warm up or cool down based on the weather. And don’t forget to stay seen with some reflective gym threads. They’ll help you stay safe – and look slightly cooler than a high-vis jacket.

Need advice on the right gear for you? Talk to one of our Fit Force experts, who’ll be able to give you the lowdown on the perfect kit to help you bring your AGame. With a 200% chance of rain and dodgy conditions underfoot, you’ll want a pair of trainers with excellent grip, solid weather protection, and cushioning to keep you going for longer. If you’re not sure what shoe is right for you, just visit one of our ten stores nationwide which offer gait analysis. Our footwear geeks will analyse your running style and sort you out with the perfect trainers for your foot type – which will help you maximise performance and minimise the risk of injury.

Suggested Kit: For men, we like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus with its honeycomb outsole for serious traction across multiple surfaces – ideal when you’re negotiating tricky outdoor terrain. And for women, the Nike Free Run has unparalleled breathability and support – with extra cushioning to keep you running for longer.

Warm up Inside
Your muscles will work less efficiently in colder temperatures – and you don’t want to be pulling up with a cramp as soon as you step out of your front door. To make sure you’re fully prepared before you step out into the chill, take at least five minutes to warm up in your own home. Pro tip: running tights worn under shorts is a key trend this season and will keep you warm and make sure your look is on point.

Suggested Kit: Under Armor Heatgear Running Shorts combine protection and ease of movement and the Nike Power Essential Capri Pants supports your muscles and offers a wide range of motion so you can really go through the gears.
Keep it Interesting

Time to bring your AGame
The best part of running outdoors? You’re outdoors! We’ve got some ridiculous scenery in Ireland and it’s just as beautiful in the freezing cold weather. Check out different parks, outdoor trails, or coastal routes. There’s nothing quite like a beach run on a winter morning to make you feel like a badass. And you definitely won’t have to dodge any sunbathers.

Jade O’Connor, who also stars in our AGame video, is a big fan of beach running, “I’m from Kerry and when I’m back home I love to run in the Castle Gregory/Brandon Bay area,” she says. “It’s the longest beach in Ireland – about nine miles I think – so it’s perfect for running. The sand is really nice – it’s not that soft sand where you have to do a real crazy workout. Because it’s on the Atlantic coast, you’re distracted by the beauty of it, so you can run for an hour and not even realise.”

Suggested Kit: A lightweight Nike City Jacket will keep you warm and dry – without weighing you down.
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