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A break rather than a tear.


From Getting under that 210 minutes Blimey the last entry was very gloomy. That said I haven’t made my mind up about what the situation in regard to running, whether I will get back into racing at all. For purposes of fitness I would be disappointed not to get back running by August but training for races I don’t know.

I had an MRI on Wednesday (200 smackaroos) and to my surprise, it wasn’t a muscle tear I have suffered at all but a fracture of the upper arm (proximal humerus). This was much better news as it shouldn’t mean any surgery but a simple case of letting nature take it’s time and keeping it a sling. It means I should be driving by August and while physio can take up to 4 months it’s a case of easy as it goes rather than anything too involved.

A muscle tear would have required surgery and lots of post-operation recoveries. The left foot ankle feels much better. I am doing my exercise and trying to a bit of walking every morning, usually 45mins to an hour. Walking bores the shit out of me so it was a handy excuse to buy that i Pod I always wanted. I’m currently uploading 600 CD’s as I speak. A nice project. It keeps me out of trouble. Sleeping is a big problem. I can’t put weight on my shoulder or arm when in bed and I have to pretty much sleep sitting up propping my back up with pillows. It usually means I can only get 6 hours of sleep a night. That said I catch up with naps during the day. The ankle is still rather swollen and while the x rays showed up no breaks it does concern me somewhat. That said walking isn’t an issue

Bar the arms issue the summer is going well so far. Teachers (unpaid) holidays, plenty of books to read, football on the box, (Ireland just lost to France but at least did so with pride), the garden is coming along well as is my lovely wife. Having some good social meet up with friends is nice too. No summer holidays this year but on the whole things are ok. Everyone I know and love is in good health.