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Blacksod Point Triathlon


This event is an Olympic distance triathlon 1500M/40KM/10KM


Swim – 1500 m • After the race briefing, the swimmers should proceed directly to the strand left of pontoon and enter the sea. The swim course is a Triangular course. • At the signal, swimmers should proceed for the first white/ red buoy on the LEFT. • Keeping the buoy on your right, pass it on the outside and proceed to the second white/red buoy, making a right turn around the buoy and heading back toward the pontoon. • Exit the sea to the right of the pontoon (as you swim in it will be the left hend side)over the blue mats and continue up the bank into the transition area. • Turning inside any of the marker buoys on the will incur penalties.

Bike course details The bike course consists of a 20km direct route turn around and return on same route. – The first section of the route to Aghlem is fast with a slight incline up to village. – From Aghleam, on exiting Village there is an opportunity to gain speed leading on to a slight slope in road. From here course is relatively straight to the turn around at 20km. – Turn around at Sea Wall, Belmullet, At turn around marshals will be present to record cyclists’ race numbers as they pass. There will be toilet facilities at this point. – After completing turn around it is now a direct route on to Blacksod with cyclists ignoring all junctions along the way there is no other turn around or variation in route – The return route leads on to Blacksod lighthouse and is ideal for over taking, making up time this brings cyclists back into transition safely on a clear straight stretch.

Run – 10 km • Upon exiting transition there will be a left turn after 30 meters, this leads on to a hill on a 35º gradient for approximately 0.75 mile sharp decent into village of Fallmore, where competitors will go straight through junction at telephone kiosk, • This leads down a slight slope passing between two graveyards leading down to a car parking area, • From here the run will be cross country first following the shore line after a right hand turn up an incline, • Upon reaching the road at the top competitors will turn right and follow the road until marshals direct them back down the hill to the car park again, • From here the route returns along the road between the two graveyards, • Straight trough the crossroads up and incline to Deirbhles Twist ( A feature of standing stones) and back down the hill to transition the runners now pass along the side of transition and make their way towards the finish line at the Lighthouse. Additional Race Information • You must ensure that all timing chips are returned at the race end – failure to do so will result in a replacement charge • Blacksod pier and pontoon are public amenities and is regularly used by local fishermen, tourists and residents. Please keep the area tidy and use bins and every opportunity • We would ask everyone to keep children under supervision at all times particularly in and around the race course • Obey instructions from Marshalls and Gardaí at all times

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