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BHAA Update


Hello all This year has started well (from a racing point of view). We had a big crowd at the South Dublin County Council race in Tymon Park on 8th January and there was an even bigger crowd at the Eircom race in Cherryfield Park on 22nd January.

 Conditions were quite good in each case and the events were very enjoyable. It was noticeable at each race how much effort the organisers had put in to ensure that everything went well. So well done and thanks to Michael McCartan and colleagues at South Dublin County Council and to Kevin Donoghue and colleagues at eircom. There were some valuable spot prizes from Meteor and eMobile at Cherryfield – but you had to be in the hall to win. There were a few people who missed out – tough.
Our next race is a couple of weeks away – it will be the North County Farmers cross-country race in Balheary Park, Swords on Saturday 12th February 2011. There will be a combined start at 11.30am but women will run 2.5 miles and men will run 5 miles.
If you can’t wait that long for a race, you might consider a non-BHAA race, the Raheny Shamrock 5 mile road race at Raheny on Sunday 30th January 2011 at 3pm. We have lots of BHAA members from Raheny and they put on a great race every year. It is worth going to savour the buzz. Online entries are open for a couple more days on the Raheny Shamrock website.
The following week, on Sunday 6th February, the National Intermediate and Masters cross-country championships will take place at ALSAA near Dublin Airport. Again, you will see lots of BHAA runners in action there.
The weather seems to be a bit milder so there is no excuse for not running. Work on improving your BHAA standard!
Bye for now.
The Editor