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from BHAA Hello all

It appears that my email sent on the Thursday before the Garda cross-country race did not go out until the Monday after it. Not sure why but apologies. The Garda race was well attended on a nice day so it seems to have been a good race overall. There are pictures on the website at www.bhaa.ie and at https://www.racepix365.com/RaceListing.aspx?idRace=16.

Our next race will be held on Wednesday night (tomorrow night) 11 March 2009 at 8pm at Malahide Rugby Club. This will be the second cross-country race this year that is organised by Paul Barnwall and friends from North Country Farmers. Distance will be 5km, not too onerous. This was an interesting race when put on for the first time last year.

Directions: Malahide Rugby Club is located along Broadmeadow Estuary and can be accessed from the Fingallians roundabout. If you go north along the M1, turn left at the Lissenhall roundabout onto the old Belfast road. At the Fingallians roundabout, take a left and go under the motorway and onto Estuary Road. The race venue is 1.2 miles from the roundabout.
For more information, contact Paul Barnwall (087-2329577) or Robert McNamara (087-6991242).

And after that, on Saturday 21 March 2009, we will have the last cross-country race of the season, the AIB/NUI race at NUI Maynooth.

I saw quite a few BHAA runners in Ballycotton on Sunday. Despite tough conditions, a lot of people seemed to be happy with their times. If you ever get a chance, try to run it – we don’t have many good 10 mile road races up this direction and Ballycotton has to be experienced. There were 2,400 finishers on Sunday, a reflection of the attraction that it holds for so many.

That’s all for now.

The Editor