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BHAA 2009 Calendar & SDCC results


from BHAA Hi all,

We had a great race on Saturday. Michael McCartan, Breda Fogarty and colleagues at South Dublin County Council put on an excellent event and were rewarded with a very high turnout of 260 runners. These included a big number of new runners but we were also delighted to welcome back a few stalwarts who had been absent due to injury, illness, lack of fitness etc. These included Susan Walsh (Revenue) our regular commentator, Charlie McGovern M65 (Crescent Communications); Tony O’Halloran M45 (Merrill Lynch); John Gaughan M55 (Garda) and Michael Ferry M60 (Garda) – all of the aforementioned with the exception of Susan took first prize in their categories.

Conditions were generally good. The ground was firm, although it became slightly slippy in places later on. It wasn’t too cold although the wind was quite strong. Good, fast conditions really.
The women’s race got us off to a good start with 60 runners and Emma Cooper (HSE) had a comfortable victory over Rachel Morgan (PWC) who was just ahead of Ailish McDermott (Dublin Hospitals).
Tomas Fitzpatrick (Suzuki Motors) also had a clearcut win in the men’s race with Paul Fleming (Irish Dairy Board) and Mark Hoey (Grassroots Landscaping) following him home.

There were some other notable performances including a 9th position in the longer race for women’s National Marathon champion, Maria McCambridge, just under a minute behind husband Gary Crossan. Nick Corish also got the year off to a good start – Nick is now into his 85th year. For those faster runners in the race, Nick is the man who provides the very useful service of calling out your place if you ever manage to lap him.
Full results are attached. Incidentally, the new batch of race numbers are sponsored by Brooks running shoes.
The prizes were exceptionally good right down through the masters’ categories as well as the teams. Breda Fogarty looked as if she was working in Santa’s grotto, she was passing so many prizes out for presentation.
There are some excellent photos of the men’s race on the website – I would say that there is a good shot of almost all runners. There are no photos of the women’s race because our photographer, Peig Dunne, was running in it. Anyone volunteering to cover this for Peig should see her at the next race. Similarly, it would be useful to have a commentator backup for Susan Walsh now that she is back in action. Step forward if you know some of the names and aren’t afraid of a mike.

The next race will be on Saturday next 17 January 2009, just down the road from Tymon Park, in Cherryfield Park where Eircom will be putting on their cross country races. Men’s will be 5 miles and women’s will be 2 miles. Both races will start simultaneously at 11.30am – but at different places within the park. You will be ready for another race by then. Keep up the momentum.

The membership subs for 2009 are also due, a mere €15. Makes registration so much easier and you save if you do as few as three races in the year. We are trying to put in place an online renewal facility using PayPal and if that is available during this week, I will let you know. It would save lots of data entry.
That’s all for now.
The Editor