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Beast of the East



Saturday 25th July: 7pm to 9pm at Bray Wheelers clubhouse.
Sunday 26th July: 6am to 7am at Lough Dan, Wicklow.

Please note we would encourage as many people as possible to register in advance on Saturday evening to avoid a rush on Sunday.


1500m swim

The 1500m swim consists of a 2 lap course. It starts on a stony beach at the southwestern shore of Lough Dan. Competitors will swim directly out into the lake for the first buoy. They will continue to head north, parallel to the shore line, looping around a set of buoys, back towards the start for a second lap. The finish is on the same beach as the start. We do not predict any significant currents in Lough Dan. Naturally the swim course is subject to possible change.

40km bike

Following the swim element of the race, the competitor will exit transition and the race site, head left towards the villiage of Roundwood. From Roundwood, the competitors will cycle to Annamoe and Larragh via the R755 and in Laragh a left-hand turn at Lynhams pub will take them on an undulating route to Rathdrum. There will be turnaround point approx. 2km before Rathdrum, and the competitors will return to Laragh and from Laragh will be directed back a hilly route along the Oldbridge Road ending in a steep descent to Lough Dan.

10km RUN

Leaving the race site in the same way as the cycle, the runners take the first turn left and continue up this road towards Roundwood. Then pass by the turn for Roundwood for a couple of km before doing a u-turn to double back. Then take the first left turn towards Roundwood, turn right at the T-junction and right again to form a loop back to the original road. Turn left and follow this road back to Lough Dan again.