What Do You Want From Your Sports Gear? Free Vision L.E.D. worth €7 with every purchase of a Vision L.E.D. Compatible Jacket.

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The new Ronhill Vision L.E.D. has been designed to enhance your visibility at night, or at times of low light, and is compatible with a range of Ronhill running apparel. Protecting yourself is important and Runireland are promoting this series of products to help you be safe, seen and comfortable whilst running, whatever the weather or conditions.

What Do You Want From Your Sports Gear?
Technical – The Irish climate is always a challenge especially for outdoor training and events – you can experience all four seasons in a one hour run so how do you prepare for these conditions? The unique layering system, suggested by Ron Hill is ideal for all weather conditions. Wearing a base layer, mid layer and outer layer of clothing all manufactured in light weight materials is the ideal way of maintaining your body temperature.

Visibility – Even in the summer months the days can be cloudy and visibility poor so we are delighted to offer the Ron Hill Vision range designed to ensure that you are seen and safe on the roads. Look out for the LED compatible jackets – we think they’re great.

Practical – It’s all in the detail – we love the the hidden zipped pockets to carry your keys and emergency money.

Stylish – The Advance range for men and Aspiration range for women combine stylish contemporary colours with 360 degree reflective panels to you can look good and be safe on the roads.

Women’s Gear – This is where Ron Hill comes into it’s own – superb range to choose from.

The clothing layering system
Not only will a layering system keep your body well regulated and efficient during exercise it can also be the difference between life and death in extreme circumstances. Below is our short guide to the 3-layer system. If you want more advice on what products are best for you and how to co-ordinate your layering system please see a trained local retailer.

Otherwise known as your 2nd skin, this layer is the essential foundation to any layering system. A base layer helps to keep you warm whilst ensuring efficient moisture transfer to the outer layer. Cotton is a very poor base layer as it absorbs water and is poor at drying out. This will accelerate heat loss from the body. This is why all Ronhill’s base layer products are made from synthetic fabrics that have excellent wicking properties and also dry quickly keeping you feeling comfortable.

This second layer of the system and can be adapted depending on your chosen sport and level of activity. This layer is used to help insulate your body in the given environment. However it is important to get the fabric weight and properties right to ensure you don’t over heat during exertive exercise. The 2nd layer should work well with both the base and outer layers to transport the moisture away from the body with ease and allow breathability of the skin to ensure enhanced comfort. Ronhill produces a series of mid layer garments that are effective at transferring moisture as well as being breathable to regulate your temperature.

The 3rd layer is there to protect you from the elements. Be it the driving rain, a light shower or the wind, the outer layer will help protect you and keep you feeling dry and comfortable. A good outer layer will do 2 simple, but essential things very effectively. Firstly it will handle moisture well – keeping the external water out whilst allowing moisture from the body evaporates into the atmosphere. The second quality will be to ensure that it is wind resistant keeping your body temperature well regulated.