FiveFingers for every occasion Updates 🙂 This is a once off opportunity for you and your team to attend a workshop that will equip you with all the barefoot knowledge you can absorb

Max DeLacy is an ultra-runner, barefoot trainer and Pose running coach who has spent the past 6 years introducing people to barefoot/minimal running as a way to reduce injury and improve performance. A childhood spent running barefoot in Africa gave way to a lifelong passion for sport. From rugby to competitive boxing, a love of ‘good movement’ and a belief that we are in fact ‘born to run’ led him to specialize in running mechanics and use barefoot as a key training tool. Based in Australia, Max, through workshops and 1:1 clinics, has helped hundreds of runners from Olympic athletes to celebrity fun-runners, come back from recurring injury and enjoy a fun injury free way to move Max will be joined by Ireland’s own Joe Warne. Joe is a High Performance coach and international athlete and is currently undergoing a PHD in Barefoot Running

Date: 12th May
Location: Cork
Cost: €30
Time: 1-4pm
Information and registration is on www.barefoot.ie

To celebrate International Barefoot Day we are getting together for a barefoot group run in Dublin and would love for you to join us. The idea is to have a group run rather than a race allowing beginners to seasoned barefooters to share experiences and tips with each other. We have a 5km loop allowing a 5km, 10km or longer run.

Location: Bord Gais Theatre (Grand Canal Theatre) Dublin
When: Sunday 6th May 1pm
Cost: FREE and for that you will get a Barefoot.ie technical t-shirt