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Ballyhoura Blitz


The Ballyhoura Blitz will take place on Saturday July 30th 2011. In the past the Blitz has been a race designed for individuals but with the current plans and new for 2011 you’ll be able to enter as a pair. The pairs class will have a very short/basic orienteering loop (approx. extra 5km) on the run section which teams will have to navigate to a few chackpoints with the use of a map before picking up the marked route again.

So if you’re looking to gain some experience in adventure racing this may well be the race for you. Solos should expect it to cover a distance of approx. 40km consisting of 10km hill running, 30km of mountain biking on the world class Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Trails.

airs will have a little bit longer run as they will also have the short orienteering loop. Both the races will involve some adventure terrain & competitors should be prepared to get wet and mucky. The Blitz should offer a good introduction to the sport of adventure racing minus the kayaking. Event HQ: Ardpatrick Village Start: July 30th 11am Race for: Solo or pairs Blitz entry fee: 40 Euro per person