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Athleague Adventure


Treasure hunt with a twist !

Based on the stunning surrounding of Athleague, located in the Suck River Valley.

This events consist of SOLO or a TEAM  of 2/ 3 participant who aim to collect treasure chests which contain cash prices of variable amount from €1 to €100.

But off course we can’t tell you where they are !

Each team will receive a map with the location of each chests which can be accessed by different ways, such as cycling, swimming, running, climbing (trees or….), jumping , mind games, swimming, orientaring etc….

5 Categories will be rewarded with a perpetual trophy : male, Female (SOLO & TEAM) and mixed team.

A list of required equipment will be emailed to every participants a few weeks before the event, but don’t worry, nothing fancy !

More details : www.sebfitness.com