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Annaghdown 5km Fundraising Fun Run or Walk


New Running Track
The parents association of Annaghdown NS are fundraising to build a New Running /Walking track for the pupils and members of the community in Annaghdown. We want the pupils of the school to have a safe place to get fit and stay fit 365 days a year.

With the much-publicised rising levels of obesity and over use of electronics in society and young people, the track will provide pupils, families and members of the community an amenity to run/walk and enjoy the outdoors in a safe and controlled environment.

Pupils and community will be able to participate in fitness activities like Operation Transformation and our own very successful Operation Continuation during the winter months. It will be a place for friends to exercise and socialize in our community. We have beautiful countryside in Annagdown and surrounding areas in the summer, however when the clocks change we often need to hibernate till spring. We have no facilities to go for a walk or run in safety without taking risks on the dark roads along with the ever-increasing number of potholes. An application for the Sports Capital Grant with Corrib Celtic FC has been made. This grant if successful will need to be supported financially and this will come from donations and fundraising in our community. The planned track is to go around both pitches at Gort Scully, Annaghdown the home of Corrib Celtic and be 2 meters wide and finished in tarmacadam at a cost of approx 25,000 euro. If you are a business owner, a member of our community, a past pupil or a pupil of any of our local schools, we are asking you to help us get Annaghdown moving by giving a donation to help build a 365 running walking track. Receipts can be provided to all businesses and many advertising opportunities are available. Any questions email [email protected]