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Did This Ad Capture it Accurately?


If you haven’t seen the new Three ‘Make it Count’ mobile ad yet check it out now. 

Do you remember running your first marathon? The nerves? The anxiety? The excitement and determination? The feeling of accomplishment when you pass the finish line? Three managed to capture all of that in a 1-minute video.

‘Make it Count’

The ad tells the story of a son and father completing their first marathon together. It gives the allusion that completing a marathon was something that the father always wanted to do before it got too late. From the minute they sign up to the finish line the son is a few feet behind to support his father and make sure he completes his goal. The story is very emotive and relatable.

Event Organisation

Not only does the ad perfectly capture what is it to run your first marathon but it also captures the organisation of an event. To instil the fact that the father and son are the last two on the course it shows the organisational team starting to clean the streets and take down the barriers. The guards and ambulance follow them straight to the end. The medics check-in: “are you okay man?”. If you look really closely too when they make it to the finish line its the organisational team, medics and guards standing around cheering for them.

Take a look at the ad and let us know what your first marathon experience was like. And remember, if you haven’t had that first experience yet it’s never too late and the RunIreland.com team will be here to help you make it to the start line in any way we can. 


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