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Busy ! Busy ! – Middle Distance Squad Day
– Athletics Ireland announces €350,000 in Grants to Athletics Clubs
– Middle Distance Development Races
Middle Distance Squad Day

Positive feedback from athletes and coaches

Last Saturdays Middle distance Squad session was well attended with a large number of athletes and coaches from Dublin, Cork, Kerry, Wexford, Wicklow, Kildare, Galway, Donegal and Monaghan all attending.

The session which was organized by Senior Endurance Coordinator Jim Davis who took the track session in the morning along with coach Brian Dowling included a talk by UK middle distance coach Dave Sunderland on the pre track training period.

The day was completed with a workshop on Core Exercises with Physiotherapist Rachael Mc Elduff with all of the participants including coaches taking part.

The feedback from everyone was positive with both athletes and coaches looking forward to the upcoming track season.


Athletics Ireland announces €350,000 in Grants to Athletics Clubs

The Regional Development Officers (RDOs) of Athletics Ireland have been busy on the phones this week informing clubs of their successful application to Athletics Ireland’s 2007 Small equipment Grants Scheme for Clubs.

All clubs were sent a copy of the grant application form and asked to fill in information about the club, its facilities and its Coaches and to outline what their plans were for their club, including desired (small) equipment purchases.

Athletics Ireland applied to and received €350,000 from the Department of Art, Sports & Tourism Capital Grants programme in 2007 in order to run this equipment grants scheme for clubs.

The 113 successful clubs have all been sent a letter detailing the terms and conditions of the offer and must now return written confirmation of agreement to join Athletics Ireland’s Club Development programme in order to begin the process of acquiring their equipment.

Athletics Ireland sees clubs as the ‘backbone’ of the sport and feels it is very important that clubs are supported in their endeavours to provide accessible quality athletics for all. The RDOs continue to roll-out a programme of Coach Education for clubs and to offer assistance, advice and information to the clubs all around the country which it is hoped will be formalised into a comprehensive Club Development Programme in 2008. Further details of the work of the Development Team and of Athletics Ireland can be found on the website www.athleticsireland.ie


Middle Distance Development Races

Senior Endurance Development programme

As part of the Senior Endurance Development programme the following is a list of races for the coming track season.

Wednesday April 30th 10000 Mtrs Men incorporatating Dublin Championship start 7pm Morton Stadium

Wednesday May 14th
800 Mtrs Women 8.15pm Irishtown Stadium 8.15 pm
800 Mtrs Men 8.25 pm ..

Wednesday May 28th
1500 Mtrs Women Irishtown Stadium 8.15 pm
1500 Mtrs Men .. 8 25 PM

Wednesday June 11th
30000 Mtrs Women Irishtown Stadium 8.10 PM
3000 Mtrs Men .. 8 25 PM

Wednesday July 9th
800 Mtrs Women Morton Stadium 8.10 PM
800 Mtrs Men .. 8.15 pm

Cash Prizes 1st Three plus Pacemakers in each race.

Races sponsored by Rawlplug Ireland Ltd and Dublin Athletics Board.

Entry Fee 8 Euros,

Entries close on the Saturday Prior to race

The above races are part of the Dublin Athletics Board Graded meeting series.

Entries and further information from Jim Davis National Senior Endurance Coordinator
Tel 0868538750 or 0879537637 E Mail [email protected]

Looking forward to receiving your entries and support



Entries and further information from Jim Davis National Senior Endurance Coordinator
Tel 0868538750 or 0879537637 E Mail [email protected]