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3 weeks to the Jog For Jockeys 5k – Some Preparation Tips


Eamon Coghlan and Tracy Piggott helped launch the Jog For Jockeys at Naas recently With 3 weeks to go to the Jog For Jockeys – it is not too late to register online!

Join us on Sunday, 21st August 2011, for a fun filled day. Choose from one of 5 locations at a racecourse near you: Cork (Mallow), Down Royal, Galway, Leopardstown, Naas.
The race time is 12 noon on all racecourses. The entry fee is €25.

You can register on the Run Ireland website:

You can jog/run/walk. Children under 14 are free to take part. Registrations can also be made on the day (arrive early), but a timing chip will only be provided to those who have pre-registered online.

Here are some tips about preparing for the day…

Race Day Preparation

You’ve clocked up the training but what happens when you reach race day? If it is your first 5km race or if you are an experienced runner, race day preparation can’t be overlooked. Here are a few suggestions to prepare for the start line and make your race day as enjoyable as possible.

The day before the race: check your race clothing; use your most comfortable shorts and t-shirt, use good shoes, but not brand new shoes. Check the weather forecast to ensure you have the necessary clothes and kit.

Sports bag: Take 4 small safety pins for your race number (it goes on the front of your racing shirt). Though there will probably be enough food after the race, pack an energy bar or a banana and a sports drink if needed and extra water. Pack a change of clothes and a towel for after the race.

Get up 2 to 3 hours before a morning race to snack, shower and stretch gently with your running gear on. Your breakfast should be something light and easily digested such as cereals, toast and banana. Coffee or tea should not be a problem if you’re use to them. Stay with the familiar. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a 400 to 500 calorie meal about 3 hours pre-exercise staying away from high fiber and rich foods.

Leave plenty of time to get to the start of the race to avoid a last minute rush. Know what time the race starts and work backwards to workout the timing of your day, when you need to leave etc. Find the race site early to enjoy hassle free parking and to stay relaxed. Check in to collect your race number. Pin the number on the front of your race shirt.

One hour to go: Getting nervous? Tell yourself you’re well trained and rested for this race, and that you’ll start at a sensible pace and enjoy it. Breathe deeply, relax…..

30 minutes to go: ten minutes of easy pace running to warm-up. Find somewhere quiet to do your stretching.

10 mins prerace: run a few gentle strides near to the start. Not into the wind or up a slope… conserve your energy. Arrange for someone to look after your tracksuit (if you needed them in the warmup). Your metabolism is now ready for 5K pace running.

Start line: be realistic with your starting position if you are a weaker runner do not start up front as this will be stressful and force you to start your race too fast.

Once you have started constantly check yourself. Relax your shoulders, face, neck and arms. Tension in these areas manifest itself as tightness throughout the body. Maintain a constant breathing rate and smile!!!

Remember to enjoy every moment of the race and celebrate when you cross the line.

Check out the website www.jogforjockeys.ie for more details about the event…