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24 hour Adventure Race

A bit of good news was annouced by Sean Murray yesterday. Total Experience Adventure Racing (TEAR) are orginising a 24 hour Adventure Race in the Wicklow Mountains during the summer 2012. They will have a two tiered race; first there will be a non stop race similar to their established 8 hour April Race, but only much longer. Then, for people who would like to take it a bit easier, there will be a staged 24 hour with more support and sleep time included.

The down side to this news is that April’s one day race will not go ahead as planned, but I think most people will prefer a chance to race on a longer course during the ‘warmer’ summer months.

Information is still very basic, but the start time will be 12 noon Sat June 30th and will finish 24 hours later. The start/finish venue will at the Total experience Adventure Racing HQ in Lacken.

This race will be the third adventure race in Ireland that is 24+ hours. 2012 is looking like it will be another bumper year for adventure racing in Ireland and the UK. There will be the 24 hr TEAR in June, the 36hr Beast of Ballyhoura at the beginning of August and the RAID in October.

If 24 hours seems a wee bit short then you should look at Open Adventure/adidas TERREX big race up in Scotland called the Stirling Sting.

This event will be a 4 to 5 day nonstop adventure race for mixed sex teams of 4. Including running / trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, canyoneering and some rope work. The event will run from the 18th to 25th August 2012.

Plus, as a preview of what to expect during the Sting, Open Adventure are plannig the adidas TERREX swift, a two day expedition style event for teams of 4, but located in the Yorkshire Dales.

This one is designed to be ideal for racers planning to make their first foray into non-stop expedition style racing or as part of your training plan for something a little longer like the Sting in Stirling.

Wicklow, 12 noon

Team of 4 (include one woman)


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