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10 Reasons Why Tough Mudder Ireland is Probably the Best in the World


Can you believe it? It’s only 10 days until Tough Mudder Ireland 2018 swings into Loughcrew Adventure Centre for 2 days of pure mad craic in the mud! The countdown to July 21st & 22nd is well and truly on.

To celebrate 10 DAYS TO GO, we want to share with you why Tough Mudder Ireland may just be the best Tough Mudder event in the world.

1. We’re Irish and Proud!

In case you didn’t know, RunIreland.com is also an Event Management company as well as the number one running and events website in Ireland. We are the proud organisers of Tough Mudder Ireland. We manage the entire event and even design and build the course. And you know all of those amazing promotions and videos you see in the build-up? Well, they are created by Tough Mudder Ireland’s marketing company, Proactive.

2. Start Walls

WE HAVE START WALLS!! Those 7ft things that we make you climb up and jump over before you even get to the start line – we’ve got ‘em. But fear not, if 7ft is too tall there are plenty of people to give you a helping hand over the first hurdle.

3. Finisher Obstacles

You loved Kong and Electroshock Therapy as your finisher obstacles last year, so Tough Mudder Ireland are keeping them. Swinging from one side of an obstacle to the other, 10ft in the air like Kong Kong is sure to get your heart racing and if that’s not exciting enough well, we can put you through 10,000 volts of electroshock therapy just for the laugh.

4. Finisher T-shirts

Tough Mudder Ireland’s finisher t-shirts are grey making the Irish event t-shirts unique and a much sought-after item for your uber cool Tough Mudder t-shirt collection.

5. We’ve got beer on the finish line

Erdinger AlkoholFrei are the finisher beer sponsor once again for 2018, not only will the beer be refreshing on a warm Summer day, it’s isotonic properties make it a great choice for post-event recovery #Nice

6. We have fully fledged 10 mile course

We have a full 10 mile point to point course. Not two laps of the 5 mile course – A full 10 mile course so no doubling up on obstacles or on the course. #winning

7. Loughcrew Landscape

Our course is set on the beautiful landscapes of Loughcrew. The views that can be seen from the top of the likes of Berlin Walls and Balls to the Wall are to die for… but don’t do that now will ye.

8. Partners and Sponsors

We are delighted to have new Irish sponsors on board for 2018 as well as welcoming back some familiar faces who are sure to put a smile on your muddy face all day.

9. Retro Obstacles

We are keeping some great oldies such as Dead Ringer, Balls to the Wall and the start walls. Did we tell you we are keeping the start walls. (We know we already listed the start walls but we think they are worth being mentioned again because they’re AWESOME.)

10. Lucozade is adding Flavour

Lucozade Sport will have their new lemon and lime flavour on course for all our Mudders to try. We’ve been testing it ourselves here in TMHQ Ireland and we love it, so we know you will too.

For more information and to sign up for probably the best obstacle course event in the world log onto www.toughmudder.ie. Group, charity and corporate discounts available by emailing [email protected] #hoorah!

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