Taper week 2

from Get under that 210 minutes

17th October
Ran 7 miles at 7.24 pace. HR 160.51mins28seconds. Last big tempo workout of this training cycle.

18th October
Jogged 7 miles at 8.51 pace. Was content to take it easy coming only 14 hours after my previous workout. HR 141.

19th October


20th October

Did my little bit with Mallow AC helping out on their open day. It was good to chat to various club members not having attending a training session in a while. To be honest it will be a while after the marathon before I get back into the sprint and speed sessions that are a excellent part of their training sessions. I will need to get plenty of work in there if i want to get under 70 minutes for the Dungarvan 10 in January 2013. Mind you I did miss the visit of David Rudisha later that evening. Some of the club members got photographs with the great man himself. They even got to hold his medal!!!!! An opportunity missed

My immediate focus is only 9 days away. Did 5 miles and 5 X100 strides at 7.39 pace if only to keep my mind off what is looming ahead. Hr 142.

5 miles with 5 X0.1 strides. 7.39 pace. 42mins.04secs

21st October

Did my Sunday morning run with Mallow AC. This was the last the long run before Dublin. This is a busy 3 weeks for marathon runners – Frankfurt (best of luck to Aidan and Pa), Dublin (to many to mention but best of luck to Elaine, Caroline, Jim, Tony, Colie, Dermot, Noel, Barry and anyone else I have left out) and Paudie in New York. It was a fabulous morning- really beautiful. Did 10.60 miles ,was happy to leave it at that with last 3.6 miles at pace- 7.50,7.33,7.10 and 7.06. Hr 148. Didn’t see the point running another 2.4 miles and besides I was enjoying the post run chat with some of the lads.

Total mileage for taper week 2 - 30 miles.
Wednesday 7 miles, Thursday 7 miles, Saturday 5.5 miles, Sunday 10.60 miles