Pushing a elephant up the stairs

from "Get under that 210 minutes"

was a lyric by R.E.M to the song "Great Beyond" . It could have easily referred to the lugging of suitcases after a 12 day break in Portugal or is perhaps a reflection of my running state of mind these last 2 months. Great holiday all the same with very hot weather. Didn't do any running - not a tap, a fair bit of walking to the pub and restaurant plus various sights- lots of that but no running. The groin was/is still feeling rather sore and the first few days of the holiday it was quite difficult. I was limping a fair bit, the wife amazed at my complete lack of mobility.

The scales don't like me either - 14 stone, a figure I haven't seen in a few years. Considering it takes 36 miles of running to burn 1 pound of weight (or 500 calories/5 miles a day) I have plenty of work to do. Mind you why be a slave to a weighing scales?

I have been using the foam roller a fair bit and it is doing the trick. Might start giving circuit training a go - will see. I have very poor conditioning - the ultimate joe runner!!! Again the question is can I be arsed anymore?

In terms of mental focus it is even harder to know where I stand. The interest in running simply isn't there. Previous years I was training for Dublin each year going for a new PB. This time of year - nothing. All those goals I set myself last December, dreaming of a sub 3.20 etc etc won't be happening this year. The Cork marathon really took it out of me.

The solution? Try get back out running. Build up easy miles (3miles for 3 weeks X 3 times a week), get the Hr down close to Maffetone levels, strengthen all that wasted muscle in my legs and hopefully get back in shape. I am thinking a base building period of 10 to 12 weeks increasing the mileage gradually. No promises made re races or speed work. Perhaps a blessing in disguise?

Sorry readers - no heroic 100 mile ultra stories here. Well done to Grellan McGrath, Thomas Bubendorfer, the Cork hurlers and of course the great Rob Heffernan on a brilliant week for sport.