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Sports Ireland athletes achievements 2014


From Coach Sebastien Locteau I have been inspired more by famous coaches I met or worked with than the hundreds of books I read in sports sciences or study.

2014 is another successful year, with plenty of success, but also a failure. It is easy to talk about my successful athletes, but disappointment happens, while I don’t like using that word, I prefer to call it a learning experience.

With athletes competing around the world at European and World Championship levels in different sports. Ireland’s sporting calendar is also getting very busy.

There is very little funding or support for athletes in Ireland and while an Olympic B standard is not good enough to qualify for the games, coaches struggle to support their athletes. A lot of volunteer coaches are doing an amazing job and 16 years ago when I became a full-time professional coach I decided to create my own funding.

I created a series of events (triathlon, running, adventure races). 10 years later I only keep a very few to keep the focus on coaching and support my coaching practice and athletes.

Some people are against commercial events, but some do give a lot back into the sports. People close to me know I give back what I earn to the sports but also have to make a living as a professional sportsman. Working long hours each day from 5 am to 9 pm or later and every weekend. This is passionate about sportsmen and women success in Ireland.

People don’t seem to realise the amount of funding required to travel to some events or even coaching (pool or track rental, equipment etc..). While once you qualify for the national team trips are covered, what is required to make the team is a lot of personal input such racing against the best outside Ireland. Coaches are neglected in that aspect as we can’t always watch our athletes performing.

The Portumna Forest Marathon was created in that aspect, not a big commercial event but within mind, friendly atmosphere made by a sportsman for sports people. This is the story of the Forest Marathon. It also helped to open our training centre in Roscommon.

Sports Ireland Training centre complements my coaching business and the events management. Our personal training session such as video analysis, specific strength conditioning programs and even our new rehab section is going great and really helped many athletes

I am so happy to hear Olive Loughnane and Rob Heffernan will receive their well deserved medals back from some of the sports world cheaters. They will never get back the winning sensation of crossing the line first, get the medal on the podium and while they received a warm welcome home, it will never be the same. You are legends to us!

People who know me, know how much I don’t tolerate bullies or cheaters. there are a lot of them in our sports in Ireland and it needs to be addressed. We all know some of them who think they will get away with it, but they won’t in a long way, they will be cut. It’s a pity no more actions are taken at national level. From bullies to dopers.

I want to say thanks to my athletes who follow my guideline, I know they see me as a tough master but it’s for their best. I never pretended to be the best trainer and know how much I still have to learn but I know I am giving them my very best, simply because they deserve it.

After hours of planning sessions and seasons, this is some of our results.


European Marathon Championships, Zurich, Barbara Sanchez (IRL) 41st and Ireland Team 7th

-Sevilla Marathon Barbara Sanchez 5th in 2h41min

– World Mountain Running Championship (Italy) Tom Hogan
– European running Mountain Championship Tom Hogan (30th and 1st Irish)
– Karrimor Great Trail ChallengeTom Hogan 8th (Irish team 1st)
– Strawberry Half Marathon Tom Hogan 2nd
– Galway Bay Half Marathon 2nd Tom Hogan
– County Wexford senior road race championships Tom Hogan 1st
-Limerick Marathon 4th Tom Hogan 2h26min48
-Wexford half Marathon 1st Tom Hogan 1h10min26
-Hope & dream Enniscorthy 10 mile, Tom Hogan 1st
-Coventry Half Marathon: Tom Hogan 3rd in 1h10min23

– Ferrycarrig 5 mile, 3rd Dena Hogan
– Stoneyford 5km 1st Dena Hogan
– Sunbeam House 10km Dena Hogan 1st female
-Hope & dream Enniscorthy 10 mile Dena Hogan 2nd
-Little Sliabh Bui women’s 4-mile trail race, Dena Hogan 1st female
-Coventry Half Marathon: Dena Hogan 7th in 1h29 (2000+ runners)
-Rosslare Duathlon: 1st Female Dena Hogan

– European Triathlon Championship, Age group Olympic distance Dena Hogan 11th (1st Irish)

– Jailbreak Triathlon (Cobh), Dena Hogan 2nd overall
(1st AG)
-Rosslare Duathlon: 1st Female Dena Hogan
– Half Ironman Trí an Mhí Dena Hogan 1st Female 5h08min30 (Course record)

– Aberdeen Scottish Grand Prix (Niamh Kilgallen Irish Team)
-Junior Celtic Duel Meet: Niamh Kilgallen

– National Short Course Championship Gold medalist
– National Long Course Swimming Championship
– Sainsbury’s Schools Games 2014: Niamh Kilgallen represent Ireland
– National Junior Squad
– Irish National Age groups Division 1
– British Youth Championship


– Junior Celtic Duel Meet
– British Youth Championship
– Irish National Age groups Division 1
-National Long Course Swimming Championship
– National Short course Championship winner Gold medalist

Some of our other Results : 

– Beaufort 10k : James Doran 1st 33min28

-Ballycotton 10 mile : 10th James Doran 53min29 (2500+ runners)

– Mark Doran qualified for Cycling Ireland youth development academy under 16.
– Mark Doran qualified for Connacht Cycling team under 16.
– Orla Connaughton 2nd Connaught Triathlon Championship
– Irish National Age groups Division 1 (2 Gold / 2 Silver / 4 Bronze)
Sarah Kelly & Niamh Kilgallen / Aoife Leahy & Sarah Kelly / Niamh Kilgallen X2 & Sarah Kelly X2
– Irish National Age groups Division 2 (1 Gold / 1 Silver / 3 Bronze) Diarmuid Staunton / Laura Joyce / Caoilin Kearney, Cahal Joyce, Diarmuid Staunton
-Irish Schools Inter-provincial winner (2 swimmers in the team Aoife Quinn & Donal Collins)
-National Long Course Swimming Championship : Bluefin & Claremorris
-Wicklow Way 50km Amy Masner 4th in 5h41

Happy new year……365 more oportunities to train

Coach Sebastien Locteau

[email protected]