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Kilimanjaro – Entry #7



Not long now – this has been quite the 9 months training for Kilimanjaro.

Retrospectively, when I look at the overall training completed, it looks more like a lad who was training for a marathon as opposed to a hiking trip to Kilimanjaro. All in all, I think while running was the majority of the training, there was a good bit of hiking and walking also.

I took the time to have a quick look at Strava (you know, because if it’s not on strava, then it didn’t actually happen!) and I completed the following over the last 9 months or so training:

  1. 1618km running
    2. 236km Walking
    3. 201km Hiking
    4. And a solitary 20km cycle

September Stats:

Did 218km overall, most of it running – consisted of a couple of half’s and 2 long slow runs.








I got to thinking, as well as the training above, I tried a lot of new things and did a few decent races in the 9 months or so – having given a read over the last 6 entries for this blog series, the following can be a summary of extracurricular events:

  1. Dyed my hair pink and shaved my head bald for charity
    2. John Treacy 10-mile race in Feb
    3. Joined a climbing/hiking club
    4. Went to a non-conventional bone setter for back realignment
    5. Pulled out of a couple of races due to injury – Adare and Mungret 10k’s
    6. Road marshalled a charity cycle at work (freezing my balls off directing cyclists)
    7. Did Carrauntoohil a few times as well as the galtees and keeper hill (many times)
    8. Half marathon at the great Limerick run
    9. Loads of bag packing to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society
    10. PB’d at Kilkee half marathon
    11. PB’d at Tullamore half marathon
    12. Took a sh*t in a field
    13. Dingle half marathon
    14. PB’d at Charleville half marathon
    15. Bought a ridiculous amount of hiking gear that I better use again!
    16. Wrote a blog!

Dingle Half Marathon

I know you’re not supposed to swap numbers and run under someone else’s name, but a lad I knew couldn’t make it to Dingle half. I took his place @ 40 bucks. The race itself (not sure what early bird was) was 60 quid, so it’s a bit steep.

It starts in Dingle town and runs along the Dingle peninsula, and finished near the village of Dunquin – literally outside Kruger’s pub – course info here. Then they bus you back to Dingle town after. I went in for a refreshing pint of smithwicks after and by the time I finished it, the craic was in full swing and atmosphere was excellent outside the bar.

Quite a tough hilly route in general, weather conditions were perfect. No wind, absolute ball breaker of a hill around mile 11, really took the wind out of my sails, but all in all, finished a respectable 1.42 bang on the button. Medal was pure class and top was long sleeve and great quality! Splits and elevations below:





Long Slow Runs

Still must have an eye to Dublin marathon. I have only done a solitary 30km run last July so had to try and get two more in before Kilimanjaro, so I completed @ Sept 11th and again on Sept 28th, details below.

All in all, felt ok during them, but was pretty sore after both – mainly thighs and calf’s. Turns out the runners were worn out again, so had to but a new pair just pre-Charleville half and the 20 miler one. They reckon you should change your runners every 450 to 500 miles.








With regard running the DCM, I’m apprehensive, we are heading to Killi on Oct 6th, so realistically won’t be back until the 17th and expect to be pretty tired, so there will be around 3 weeks with no running. I definitely bit off more than I could chew signing up for Dublin so close to coming back from Hike. F&^k it, it’ll be grand!?

Charleville Half Marathon

Third time running Charleville half. Previous best time here was 1.45.

Normally run it with a mate of mine for the last 2 years and he beat me both times. Little bit of a gripe with him after last year, we started together and were motoring along. About 11/12 km in, Kevin was feeling a bit off and started to slow, I kept with him and said usual “come on you slow B%^tard, don’t stop now” type of motivation and he pepped up again. Then at about km 17 I was feeling burnt out, and instead of reciprocating the support, he left me for dead, might as well have said “f&_*k you slowass” and belted on. So I said to myself, next year will be mine. To sweeten the pot, we had a steak dinner bet riding on it.

Charleville course for half’s is what Berlin is to fulls – it’s where you will get your PB, very flat, fast and fair route. I managed a new PB @ 1.37, while my Charleville nemesis Kevin finished at 1.41. I cackled manically when we met after the race just to mildly rub it in, to his credit…he was gracious in defeat!

Spread after was excellent, very well ran race, running top is always quality in Charleville and the bling, while small, was intricate and detailed. We are both doing Dublin, so I told him to book somewhere really expensive for the celebratory steak dinner and I queried could my fillet steak be stuffed with Lobster.

So, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll aim to get a decent report of Kilimanjaro sometime early November and hopefully will include a bit on DCM.

If anyone wants to donate to the Irish Cancer Society (I’ve added doing the Dublin Marathon about 8 days after Kilimanjaro, and if you can donate anything at all, that would be great!) – the link is here.

All the Best,


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