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Thursday, December 13, 2018

— Updated on 28/08/2015 —

Runireland is working in association with Njuko to bring you Ireland’s most extensive running calendar along with the most advanced online entry system.

  1.  For details on setting up the online entry system click HERE or contact [email protected]
  2. Once your online entry is set up don’t forget to add your event to the Runireland calendar HERE.

Contact [email protected] for more information

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With this service we have many marketing & exposure incentives to work with us including:
– The RunIreland Newsletter (approx 60,000 Irish subscribers)
– The ACTIVE Newsletter (550000 + Irish subscribers)
– Using Press Releases on the site homepage to generate interest (RunIreland had 460,205 unique visitors in the last 12 months which is over 10% of the population
– Social Media posts about the event leading up to it (Nearly 6,500+ Facebook likes on the RunIreland page)

You also get a variety of tools and functionalities to use like refund tools, email database tools, email incomplete reg, pulling different stats about your entry list, adding customised confirmation emails providing more info about the event, adding weekly updates or updates per registration, adding discount codes, receiving monthly payments etc.

We Take Laser card payments !!! And we are based in Ireland

visa.gif mastercard.gif laser.gif When choosing a company for online services, make sure the customer service provided is what you expect, after all they will deal with registration queries. you should choose the one that offers the best service, reliability, promotion of your event and the one that is the easiest to work with. Our company provides a full package with referrals great track of customer services, and we take laser card payments.


What you need to submit your event:

– Enter each event following this link: http://www.runireland.com/node/add/event – If you need to add a logo, pictures, make sure that they are a multiple of 400×300 pixels to be displayed properly – The event will be review by our staff, and authorised

What you need to open online entries with runireland:

– Select Online entry when submitting the event – Make the entry fee which will include our 7% handling fee is display in your event details – We will set up the Online entry form, and will email you your login details to access your reports.

Please note that the entry will not open systematically and can take a few days due to the high volume of demand. Email [email protected] for any queries.

You can:

1. Use RunIreland for your online entries -it only costs 7% which includes the Credit Card Transaction Fee
2. Use RunIreland for your Postal Entries – we handle the entries, update your database and lodge the cheques for you.
3. Use RunIreland to promote your event – your own free web page opens up your race to 328,000 unique visitors per year.
4. Use RunIreland to pack and post your race information or manage your registration
5. Use RunIreland for finish line gantry – available to hire – we deliver, assemble, dismantle etc.
6. Use RunIreland for your Technical Tee-shirts – good quality Ron Hill Finishers Tees available
7. Use RunIreland to communicate with your participants – very active forum

What can RunIreland do for you?

1. RunIreland focuses on Irish Events so your race will not get lost in a list of international events.
2. Events are easy to find and listed on the homepage
3. RunIreland currently attracts 375,000 unique visitors per year
4. The average page view per visit is 5.6
5. The quality of the editorial and news feeds on RunIreland ensures regular repeat visits
6. Each Race is given its own web page – a bonus for smaller events who do not have their own website.
7. Google rankings for events tend to show up from the RunIreland event page rather than the official event website.
8. Every single enquiry is responded to in person and re-directed to the race director where relevant.
9. 7% fee includes the transaction fee and marketing of your event to your target audience.
10. Google Maps and photos of your event included on your event page
11. Featured race facility
12. Assistance available for race organisers including web design, logo design, online marketing, event management consultancy, finish line gantry hire etc.
13. Note discounted rates may apply for certain races – please ask for more details

Any queries, just email us, and we will be happy to help you.

Contact us to let people enter your race online today.