Pre, during and post race nutrition

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Hi Folks,
I'm looking for your advice and experience when it comes to nutrition for longer distances, i.e. half marathon to marathon distance.
Having recently run my best half in 1:44 and am keen to kick on to the Conn marathon in late April. I've read a lot of articles about what and how I should be doing, but I'm keen to get peoples insights into their own actual experiences.
My query is primarily around what you're taking during the race, volume, etc? In the half referreed to above, the petrol warning light came on with 4 k left, so it's obviously omething I need to learn about if I'm going to be able to do the full.
I appreciate all advice.

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I used to run on carbs, but I found by experience that on longer distances you will run out of fuel, and you can't ingest it and excercise at a rate to let you keep up the required fuel levels.
About four years ago I stopped eating sugars or grains for health reasons. Then about six months later I went low carb. I honestly felt like crap for two weeks solid, whilemy body got used to using fat as fuel. After that I started improving and I wouldn't go back now.
I ran the Tralee marathon in 2014 after a breakfast of bacon and eggs. I only took on water during the run and had salmon and veg after. I limit myself to 100-150g of carbs a day, or sometimes lower if a race is coming up.
It won't work for everyone, but I won't go back to carbs!