Burn out and a dodgy 'tache

from Get under that 220 minutes

Here’s the raw data for the last 4 weeks since Dublin marathon. Time to move on and all that but being honest I am hardly doing high mileage am I?. Probably the toughest workout of the lot was the club workout on Tuesday, week 4. Ran 1.5 mile warm up with the club, did various drills and strides, 8 X 2 minutes of hills with another 1.5 mile cooldown.

  I probably over do the last couple of hill repeats and the back of the legs have been feeling it ever since so much so I had to take 2 days off running. Having entered the Connemara marathon (April 7th 2013) I am now wondering have I bit off a bit more than I can currently chew. It’s not the distance nor the course that bothers me it’s the lack of appetite for running that bothers me. The appetite for everything else has continued unabated ;-). This was confirmed to me today (Sunday) when I slept out and missed out on the club run and spent the day reacquainting myself with “Big Time” and “Macaroon” bars. Sleeping out is always a bad sign as I rarely need alarm to wake me up at the weekend. The photos below are from the Mt Oval 6 mile Movember run held last Sunday. I'm on the left, Derm is wearing the orange, Don (my marathon running buddy) is wearing the hat and Timmy is the second photo wearing shades and a blue tracksuit top.


I am sure good running and shaving habits will reassert itself soon. Anyway I will have a better idea of my form in a few weeks in the Clonakilty 10K. I had hoped to do the half marathon but the price (50 yo’s) was way too prohibitive so I hope the organisers take note. My buddies Aidan and Dermot are entering it too so if nothing else it will be a chance to catch up with friends. Will see what my racing strategy will be closer to the date but a chance of a improvement on 10K PB (41mins40secs) is unlikely.

While I'm at it I just want to mention a 5K Santa dash that is taking place on the 15th December in the lovely setting of Doneraile Park. Organised by clubmate Ger Vowles it's in aid of a number of charities to aid sick children. Check facebook for details.

Anyway here’s to Movember..................